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Is Latex Allergy Real?
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You people are all crazy!
Latex Allergy
Wednesday, 15 September 2004
Is latex allergy real or made up?
Mood:  on fire
I have a severe latex allergy. I was diagnosed in August 2001. Apparently there are people who do not believe that latex allergy exists. Among these is the International Rubber Research and Development Board of Malaysia, where the majority of all latex is harvested and manufactured. In an article entitled "Latex Gloves on Capital Hill", the Malaysian government sent a representative to convince the US Congress that banning latex gloves would be a mistake and put health care workers at increased risk for bloodbourne diseases. The Malaysian representative stated that "they take their responsibility to consumers very seriously" and therefore have taken steps to make latex gloves safer. First of all, for someone who is either allergic or sensitive to latex, there is no safe level. Second, when you view the International Rubber Research and Development Board (IRRDB)website, you will find that they do not believe latex allergy exists. How is it that they take the concern of their consumers seriously when they do not even believe the allergy is real? They IRRDB states that the allergy is perpetuated by "hysterical woman". How absurd! both men and women, adults and children alike are affected by this allergy. Statistically, this allergy affects 18 million people. I guess they would say that we are all crazy. The only way to effect change is to have the sufferers of this allergy have representation in Congress to inform them of the "other side". Only then can "OUR" Representatives make an informed decision regarding the use or ban of latex gloves.

Posted by latexallergy at 6:53 PM EDT
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