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With the onset of spring and summer approaching, there are some things to consider. Flip flops are always a popular shoe in warmer weather. It is important to realize that many flip flops are made of, or contain latex. Many have elastic in the thong part of the shoe, and the sole may contain rubber. Foot beds made of EVP are a polyurethane product and should be safe to use.

Swimsuits are another concern. As with any stretchy material, it is important to ensure that the material contain Lycra (a DuPont patented product that is made of polyurethane). Spandex may contain latex. So unless the label specifically says "Lycra" or "Lycra Spandex", you should avoid it.

It may seem obvious, but I feel compelled to warn against the use of inner tubes at water parks. I would suggest not using them unless you can be assured that they do not contain latex. With the weather getting warmer, you may want to participate in outdoor sports. Please remember kick balls, volleyballs, basketballs and footballs can all contain latex.

As always, my hope for you is to have a safe and happy time while celebrating the many upcoming Spring and Summer holidays. Be safe and be aware. Most of all, Have Fun!!

Have a safe and Happy Spring