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Life in a Bubble...When You're Allergic to the Bubble

What Products Contain Latex?

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Latex is said to be present in 40,000 different products. While there is no comprehensive list, there are lists available that contain the most common forms with which people will come in contact. They include but are not limited to:
Medical Items
Blood pressure cuffs
disposable gloves
endotracheal tubes
I. V. tubing
electrode pads
rubber aprons
surgical masks
anesthesia masks
wound drains
injection ports
dental dams
dental polishing equipment
adhesive bandages
supportive bandages
electric cords on equipment

Latex-containing Items

This list provides a guide to some of the most common objects containing latex and offers some
alternatives. It is not meant to be a comprehensive listing. Please go to my "News" page to download Adobe Acrobat Reader as this link requries it.

"Archives" page for Adobe Acrobat Reader

New Latex containing items list for Summer 2005

Non-Medical Items
rubber bands
dishwashing gloves
motorcycle and bicycle hand grips
swimming goggles
expandable fabrics (wrist bands, braces)
shoe soles
dental dams
sanitary pads
baby bottle nipples
baby diapers
bath mats
pen and pencil grips
remote control keypads
garden hoses
elastic on clothing (bras,underwear,socks)
mouse pads
roller ball on computer mouse
full face halloween masks
parts of some eye glasses
newspaper print and ads
mail (post offices using rubber bands or gloves)
pressed wood or particle board
***Although the literature does not support it, I have had multiple reactions to latex paint and some car rubber. ***

Latex Free School Product List
Note: This list is a guideline for informational purposes only. It is very difficult to obtain full and accurate information on the natural rubber latex content of products which may vary between companies and product series. A.L.E.R.T., Inc disclaims any legal responsibility associated with the use of any products on this list. All individuals and professionals must obtain written verification of non-latex status from the product supplier before use with natural rubber latex allergic individuals. Many companies listed also carry products that contain natural rubber latex. Please contact A.L.E.R.T., Inc. at 1-888-97-ALERT or at to share information you obtain about products not listed.

Safer Sex Non-Latex Alternatives

>Polyurethane condoms (protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases)
>Sheep skin condoms
>female condoms